Why learn more about Ibn Battuta everyday

Ibn Battuta

Knowing about great travelers and keeping a record of their experiences is a good thing. This provides exposure to a person and the general knowledge about traveling is improved. Ibn Battuta was a really great traveler and his voyages are considered to be exceptional in the history of traveling. Ibn Battuta Association should be known by every person who has a love for traveling and exploring the world. He visited multiple places and explored the culture and customs of various areas so the knowledge about him provides a lot of insight into the past. Here are some of the reasons for which it is important to know about Ibn Battuta every day.


He went through multiple adventures. A person understands the beauty of world when he steps out from his comfort zone and sees the trend of the world. At a really early age, he went out of his house and explored the whole world alone. He went through a lot of things and gained multiple experiences. These adventures also made him experience from different hardships. He suffered from multiple diseases and almost died many times but still, he survived. These incidents and stories bring motivation in people. Today the traveling is not that much difficult and once a person is motivated towards doing it, it offers multiple great experiences in life.


Among the work done by Ibn Battuta, his writings are really famous. After coming back to his homeland after 24 years, he started writing the travel journals about the places he visited. These journals contain the in-depth details about the areas and the experiences he had. His friend Ibn Juzayy helped him in writing these travel diaries. These things offer the readers an in-depth insight about the early ages and how people use to behave. The customs and rituals are pretty clear in these documents. Ibn Battuta went through cultural shock many times during his journey because of the difference in opinion and customs of the Western world and Islamic world.

Legacy of Ibn Battuta

It is not just about Ibn Battuta. His efforts left a mark on the world and now many people are inspired by the work he has done. Because of this, a lot has been done after him to remember how great he was. Especially in the Arab and Muslim world, there are many things which make people remember him. The most significant one is Ibn Battuta mall which is built in Dubai. The whole building has the theme of traveling to inspire people. There are many TV programs and movies that feature this character or show the encouragement towards the traveling.

Along with these reasons, Ibn Battuta definition is being told to students and children to inspire them towards taking initiatives. Traveling history is incomplete without the work of Ibn Battuta. He was also a judge in Morocco after coming back from the voyage and his exceptional learning experience helped him a lot in this regard.